Revolving Doors

by Awol

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released July 19, 2013



all rights reserved


Ace Diego aka Aceitoricosuave/Awol San Diego, California

From San Diego, moved to San Francisco. Ace Diego is one half of the brotherly duo SinSerious. With an apatite for creativity and Inspiration from all of the great lyricists of Hip Hop (Nas, Mos Def, Saafir, Ghostface Killah, Outkast, Pharcyde) and more he aspires to follow in their footsteps while paving his own path. This is the first step in his solo endeavors, join him through this sonic treck ... more

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Track Name: The Key
The Key:

This is a tale for the ones that won, the ones that failed, the ones that fell, the ones that loved, left strugglin to tussle in a tough situation, in the face of a hundred and one problems but a bitch aint one, I promise, but if it is, I hope my lyrics lift you, get you to the pinnacle, I cant call it, Is it written in the cosmos?, Cosmic novelist authoring this fiction, Predestined or is it all just random?
Remember what your gettin, blessins lets celebrate, Sticky in the swisher with a swig of that chardonnay, its hard today, but God is geat so all this pain, Only pushes me to recognize its all the same, To lose is to learn, a saga in the journey, the bruises will hurt, But harden you to hurting, I feel as if every second is a bit of heaven, Breathe the oxygen of positive, Exhale the negative, Better your condition when the winds of change sway your position, Its in ya, Your hands hold the remedy, The key of life is in your door lets begin, The key of lifes in your hand, Turn the Key
Track Name: L.I.F.E.

We exist in an age when everyone wants to live, Every second, every minute, every laugh every tear, every breath is precious, So some are out on Saturdays, Drinking under midnight stars, I was out at a bar, Contemplatin whats important, More or less sort of worried, If the choices Im endorsing are gonna push me further, Further confusion arose, Why do we try, Struggle and strive, for our spotlight in life?, If life is a blink of the almighty’s eye, Why do we believe our legacies wont die, with that final thought in mind, I drained my bottle and walked out the door onto the block, Parties of people seekin freedom and such, Somethin hard to touch, Do we all want love?, The drunks bumpin into one another suggest another reason, We just want to be seen, Lingering in evenings, to live is the reason, Were dying to live, thats why we got so many youngins runnin amuck and causin ruckus, Distorted senses, Fightin the fear of death by rebellin, Its sort of senseless, Im holdin pens to find my focus, Some days I feel like hoppin out my skin and find closure, A few years back I was blowin doja, just to cope with, Pressure, Hard to express, Pain and stress is a BITCH, With sometimes no exit, Just to vent, I made a promise to live everyday in a honorable way, Like the sayin we ain’t promised tomorrow, Im building pyramids with poems, Each piece is a stone on the road to my future...Still roamin

Hook: Theres some rough times ahead, But we all wanna live, We all wanna live, We Want Life, What...We want life, We want life...X2

Not skimmin any sentences in this chapter of life, Every comma is caught, Precise with periods, Raw paragraphs, Every detail illustrated, Live liberated, this life is limitless build with patience, To many rush and stumble, bust they head by running reckless, My generations regard for speed limits is neglectful, Get yours and only focus on the greed, Its gettin ugly, Some see the summer as a season to get drunk and drink, I see the vacation as a way to increase creations, Be creative, break boundaries and be a leader, Cant tell you how to live but I live by loving each and, Every blink my eyes leave, Smile, Touch, Stimulate, Thrive, Run, Concentrate, Relax, Laugh, Participate, In these days its mania, Im at the age of gainin wisdom, Some of my friends livin in limbo its gettin drastic, You hear that? Thats life callin... you gonna answer...or should I? Life is a novel, You write your story, Carve out your chapters and capture each moment, Every second can be stolen so proceed with a purpose, Either act or be a casualty, React radically before finale flattens dreams, Food for thinkin is my recipe, Bon appetit, Appetite for life stay hungry, Appetite for life stay hungry
Life aint a game, Think straight, What we all want, Is what I call
Track Name: Cali Burrito
Taco shop Tuesday, One for the road, Grab a Cali burrito bout to roll to the store, 40 ounce to the bounce So Cal mode, Juice in the engine now homies rollin up the dro, Camp fire camp fire bbq eyes, Niggaz in the back seat baked as a cherry pie, That summertime vibe, West coast certified, Afternoon mischief, Cadillac pimpin, Rollin in the homies bucket barkin at the bitches, Its in my blood cuz, Blame it on the heritage, Cornerstone click rollin deep as the buried get, Deep as the seven seas--No thats a stretch a bit, Closed circle round Aceito, Rico, Low key homie of the people, We go, mash out only on occasion, Untamed apemen, Breakin out for weekend, Beach bound bonfires, Peel the chucks off, Then the socks off, Walk on, Sand softer, Dap the partners, Meet the mommas, The hot ones, Roastin hotdogs, By the water, Lala bomba non stoppin, Its a party, Get your groove on proudly, Poly with the posse, After party headin outie

Hook: And we back in the residence, Back in the dog house chillin with the feminines, yeah, said we back in the residence back in the dog house chillin with the feminines,
Westside summertime here it is, Westside summertime G shit...

No golden spokes for this geek that gangsta lean, broke but my soul glows like lighted kerosene, Short sleeves, Slight breeze, Palm trees, the cali dream!, Babes in bathing suits bathing right by the beach, Shade slipped over eye lids, Fly pimp with a rhyme gift, I recline in my nice fit, Crown titled over my head, Laid back, Lemonade on the island yeah!
Track Name: Gold in My Ears
Hook: Got gold in my ears, the glories all here, Got gold in my ears, So i speak with gleam,Do you hear what I hear? Hear what I hear? Hear what I hear?

I’v got a pocket full of poems, and a mind full of righteous rhymes, Saxophone soul, Gold in the earlobes, So I speak with a shine, Thoughts crystalized, Niggaz realize, This niggaz really fly, Sparkly thoughts, Voice box notes exude spiffy new and clear, In this nuclear year, Here here, For the chap mixin poetry and fashion, Fantastic adams babble atomic talkin, Grab my pimp stick, Walk on with a bop like my origin was Harlem, Tone of skin is bronze man, Straight African gold like the pyramids of old, Appear fearless and bold glowin out of shadows hes home...
Hook: Got gold in my ears, the glories all here, Got gold in my ears, So i speak with gleam, Do you hear what I hear? Hear what I hear? Hear what I hear?

200 carrot concentration, Missin star out the constellation, In lamens terms Im amazin!, Outshinin shady fakers, Your ladies caught the vapors, and wants my diamond shine inside her glacier, Fire up the spaceship,Take her to my spaceship, My shine hypnotizes eyes, Mesmerized by my horizon, Don’t stare to long blinded youll become, Aurora borealis, With the talent I am sun, Pharoah from forgotten art parallel to none, Chariot of flames as I ride over punks, “Is it hot in here?” she asked before she took her top off, Put on the tannin lotion and showed me her shadowy spots, Illuminate like lightning with the watts of my charm, Clap on clap off, I still shine strong, Worth more bucks than a billion lighting bulbs, I know Im gold, cuz my energy illuminates the whole show...
I hear the ring of the clear, The clear is here, The golds in my ears...The gold, the gold, the gold the gold, the gold the gold, the golds in my soul, Aceito
Track Name: Used to It
eah, the daily day, the daily day....
When the eyes meet the mornin, the heart knows change is churnin, fresh cuts scars are formin, old news been aborted, Pin down present, Seize the moment, Step out my shell in a hellish current, Concrete jungle or fertile forest, I adapt like change ain’t no hard shit, Pain and hardship, the same ol damn thing, Routines to conquer, Training for a fighter, Im used to relyin on my will to ignite me, Self made workin man punchin clocks killin time, Tarzan time on gorilla grind, Im...
Hook: Used to it, Im used to it, Im used to it, Im used to it

Im used to the hell on the heels, Wheelin up the hill like a bat out of hell, Im used to the “yes yes yalls”, and the “dont stop rock on” hip hop field, Used to the nights where the musics my true friend, A book and a boom box still my amusement, Chillin with a cute chick does me much better, But time after time Im a loner in endin, Awols used to expression, and used to few that can catch him, Individualistic, Artistic, Raw lyrics carved from the spirit, Used to shuttin out the world just to listen...SO LISTEN, I hear the hells of my past poisons, Vent the venoms into rap poems, Now Im zonin, Bouncin off concepts, Ricochet wordplay til sun descends into sunsets, Yeah Im used to convertin the love into music....Now whats next?
Hook: Nothin to do, Nothin to do, but the usual, but the usual, Nothin to do, Nothin to do, but the usual, but the usual
Cause Im, used to it, Im used to it, Im used to it, Im used to it

Circle still in full swing, Get up, Get down on the routine of true kings, Clownin under stars, Moonlight beams on the supreme scene, Hard to break the cycles...Late night leaps of faith, Into the bright light city scapes, Eyes full of excitement, Climbin up the vibes vine to heighten the mood, only to come crashin down into doom, When the morning hits with a right hook, Leavin the mind slumped over, Hung over, But a weekend warriors used to this torture, Tore up in the guts regain composure, The solo young lad, nomad navigates alone like Batman, Growin up fast man, Knowin that moments pass faster than flashes in the pan, With bacon sizzlin flamin, I ain’t goin out that bland, Experience is the best teacher, Tutorin my intellect, Im used to it...
Hook: Nothin to do, Nothin to do, but the usual, but the usual, Nothin to do, Nothin to do, but the usual, but the usual
Cause Im, used to it, Im used to it, Im used to it, Im used to it
Track Name: Classico
I burn brain cells to sheets of ink when I write, Heavy bags under the eyes at my desk I dine, Puttin the pressure to the pencil, Man Im fed up with the headaches and the stresses of everyday dilemmas, The devil pulls me away from my music and puts me, In a class with pussies, Who foolishly follow the rules of institutions, Sue me, for lookin beyond, Usin a book will only be useful in the field of thought, Action takes leaders, So Im seein beyond their basic teachin, Teetering on the brink of bein a genius, Need to dig deeper, bring my talents to the masses and meet the right people...people...

Jumpin off the pages it is I the fuckin amazin one!, Hip hop never died, In my mind I am Obi Won, Only hope a golden throwback to a time I wasn’t born in, 90s in entirety, a rising pheonix finally, Dust off your earlobes and listen to this fresh breath, Ain’t aimin for the radio Im aimin for vets necks, Everyone wants to be the king of the jungle, I just wanna achieve my dreams on the humble, But humble pie leaves your stomach open Im told, Fuck that Ima change the way we view the poet, Hip Hop not rap nigga, Listen to the difference, Verbal graffiti, Im graphin murals with my lyrics, You can’t hold art hostage, Itll escape regardless, get in the way your blasted, by the culprit with culture, Come on, Come on, Get on, Get on, Get down with the dominant sound, That licks off lyrics of fury, For the ear to eat and bury, In the soils of the mind, the soils of the mind, Rewind, While I take you to the time of the true, Before the auto tune, and the new school fools, The beats were the fuel for the poets to get loose, and lose inhibitions as we cruise, I lose inhibitions as I cruise, We lose inhibitions as we cruise, cruise, Day in day out put passion to the paper, play in front of crowds to amaze spectators, I amaze spectators, I amaze spectators, I amaze spectators
Track Name: Brain Washed
Hook: Are we brainwashed? Brainwashed, Brainwashed, Told to be what they want us to be so we are: Brainwashed, Brainwashed, Told to do what they want us to do so we are brainwashed

On one of those days, I came across the line in the sand, I could’ve been them, Pressured to play the role, Follow the flock in macho mode, I followed no shadow and strolled on my own, Footsteps took me, In destinies direction, Directly to self expression, A beautiful blessin, I was awoken, I saw and recorded, Used thoughts to load the flow gun, Philosophical poet, Moseying down meditation in memories homeland, Eyes baptized, I recognized, the mechanized, Society hell, Clenched onto its citizens, With red and white blue blood tricklin, From its inflicted cuts, Tangled in the brains, of the slightly sane, You can beat the system in this poison prison, If you just sign the dotted line, Buy what we supply, Apply to 9 to 5s, Smile cause we all,
Hook: Brainwashed, Brainwashed, Told to do what they want us to do, So we are brainwashed, Brainwashed, Are we just lab rats inside this maze?

I could never understand it, and Im tryin to pull my mental through it, How could we the people follow in the footsteps of the rubble ruins, Every society died that tried to break and deprive, the people of freedom in life, Feeding them lies the greediest kinds, Starve others to fill their stomachs, Drown dreams in dollars and rubbish, Its all a scheme to keep us in comfort, Dumb the flock down, Bathe birdbrains in waves of numb notions, Hypnotic hold on large crowds, Cant tap into original, Organics been cloned killin the real in you, The real in you! Were

Hook: Brainwashed, Brainwahsed, Slaves to the western ways drowning in fiction, Were brainwashed, Brainwahsed, Easily led into dead ends...

All is not hopeless, All options aren’t folded on both ends, Hope lies in the willing, Whoever’s willing to put change in this system, Remain real to convictions, Ethics over addictions and urges, First come first serve is worthless, Were all children of earth so first we must merge, Celebrate creativity, Elevate via spirituality, Penetrate pop culture to pull something pure from a fallacy, Understanding over aggression, Reason over delusion, Solid honest over dissolution, Constant art maintained in movement, And you can, Quote me on this, The positive will outlive this negative existence, The choice is in us, Point to the sun and investigate the darkness, The heart is the start of logic, but mind forms what follows, Yeah mind forms what follows,The real...the real...the real...
Push yourself and never give up, Resist quittin, One man cant change the land, It takes a village, Follow heart, Don’t follow another, the worlds wicked, Pure persistence applied to vision equals limited limits, We aren’t androids, We are the resource, the recipe for reconstruction is in our hearts, Fuck the brainwashed, Take the chains off, Fuck the brainwashed, Take the chains off and rock on, rock on, rock on!
Track Name: Ace Diego
Yeah, Ace Diegos the name, 2013 what a year oh my God, Past the peach fuzz faze, Everyday marches on, With a little bit of wisdom and a whole lot of hustlin, Fuck all the fussin its time for production, Scuffed kicks on the tile floors of the college course classrooms, My attitude is hard, Raw, looks like some rain today, Hoodie over fro as the angels sing, Soundtrack to this film be a Gil Scott song, Stock full of soul, Long roads jogged along, at a steady pace, heavy legs lift this weight, Off of shoulders into mic, Watch him stroll by with delight, No-one dares to break his stride, Struttin like its nothin as the skies erupts with thunder, and they wonder what his name is...

Hook: Ace Diegos the name, No mistaken his flavor, Authentic major with slang, Play by play I stay in tune in shape, Cause you never know, when they’ll close your case

Extremist, Im extremely fiendish, For these things, Hip Hop, Ladies, and living, Believe me, Wisdoms my permanent condition, Another day of smiling at these pretty ladies walkin by me, I eye them, they eye me, feel like King, Tarzan in these wild city streets, The vines the pen, so I swing while I write my text, Yall seen a miracle stride by with confidence, Cocky kid with a big cock, Quit blockin him, Shes not a ten, My chick looks like wonder woman, My eyes are set at the summit, Sun is mine so I’ve sewn it to my rhymes, Hear them shine its my pride, The world is mine mind state, Fire vibe inside, Grind night to night at the desk I dine, Pen poised still in it for the joy, Enjoy these lessons I employ, Boy o boy, Rolls Royce voice, Polaroid poised, Picture me with a pristine Ms. Kristine, Crispy clean, No jewelry, just me, Genuine genius, Hes a G, a gentleman, Lend his hand to a friend, so they can pencil in, Add to the artistry, My canvas is quality, Basquiats prodigy, All the ink I jots supreme, As the sun dial swivels and the shadows rise, A different side of me’s suddenly alive, Its live! Ace Diego’s the name, Glad to meet ya, Follow my lane, Stroll the streets in my sneakers!

Hook: Ace Diego’s the name, No mistaken his flavor, Authentic, Major with slang, Play by play I stay in tune in shape, Cause you never know, know, know, when they’ll close your case
Track Name: Show and Tell
Standin at the crossroads like bone, Super sentimental when this instrumental went on, I felt emotions, Like Thelonious Monk’s solos rolled right in through my window, Colliding with my ego like a bullet blast, Now reload, Cold days in the windy city, Fifty fifty on decisions, Im makin the most of livin, You see him, You heard him, You felt the presence, clench fist on mic, Welcome to my show and tell

Hook: Yeah welcome to my show and tell, Welcome to my show and tell, Presented by your poetic pal, Vacuum the bad moods, I heard this beat then went wild! X2

Fine arts author, Lion heart, Fresh prince, Qtip, Ice pick smooth shit, I just, feel no fear, Appear real, Its me, Bada boom, Bada Bing, Palm on my crotch, serve the servants sweet sixteens, Shrimp niggaz get bit by shark in the voice box, Shallow water lounger, My puddles of poetry splash louder! Mad doubters slipped eventually, When they witnessed my witty wizardry, Peep the pimish symphony and welcome!

Hook: Yeah Welcome to my show and tell, Welcome to my show and tell, Presented by your poetic pal, Light up the white owls, Lye down while I show and tell

Duel of the the iron mic, wont show my ace, don’t fold cause foldings for the fake, Lords grace, made me have a great, hand for fantastic, creative craftsmanship, forget me not when I kill the stage, special ed flow baptized by boom box, smoked moon rocks, then read wisdom of older Gods, Now I’m back in business, with avengance, sit back Ill present this, Indented intent, kept the clever kid fresher, More measured, Collect respect, eject effort, edit bullshit out the scripture, peep the picture while I show and tell, Tell a non-cypher rhymer go to hell, Serious as bricks to the temple, I flow and tell, yall know it well, show and tell, with a ill signature, get a verse Ill spit it pure, Show and tell
Track Name: Pompous
Get off my cockpit, Your weighing down my rocket, Shes shootin hard for my stars, Fallin short shes sure to plummet, Knownin I was in orbit she was reachin for me closer, Launchin out her lasso, To lower me slow my soarin, But mi casas in the cosmos, My high don’t fall for no one, So sorry don’t follow me, Young determined during this segment, My focus is not one love, Get level with me hun, Im gone...Im gone...Im gone...

Hook: Gotta move on, haters gonna hate, Some won’t ever accept it, Especially the bitter bunch, Sometimes you gotta close your ears and block em, Fuck em all they don’t wanna see you succeeding, You gotta accomplish, This is that pompous shit, That pompous shit, that pompous shit, See what Im rockin with?

I was in the cypher just freestyling, Free thinkin just wildin, While the crowd was vibing, I was pitching poetry in the pocket, Dodging the beat box when it started, Words slurred in currents, Content stream of conscious, Crowd rocked non stop, Hip Hop the art of all I love was in effect like cause is, Constant bobble bobble, Head nods, Follow my blah blah, I was on, Spotlight over the dome, Faces in the crowd geekin, Then I caught that single frown mean muggin, He seemed peeved, Please man, Take off your cool, You ain’t foolin me, Your foolin yourself, Bown down to the almighty cypher king, When I rhyme please free your mind and dig the vibes, Dont pose and politic, Be a part of the party bitch!, Its always a douche that feels like he knows all of Hip Hop, “if you ain’t Drake or some starlet, Your art is garbage” So I spit raw regardless, Pompous with confidence, Those that doubt yall can just, Swallow dicks and gargle piss, Either spit or stuff those judgments where the sun don’t shine, aight?, I don’t need the negative, Flee the scene and let me live, Pompous with a purpose, Dead that BS cause it kills my vibe, For real...Yall on that pompous shit, That pompous shit...
Track Name: Puzzle Pieces
Hook: How does one move when the when of the present, Pushes pushes pushes against ya, How does one move when the wind of the present, Pushes pushes pushes against ya?, Thats the question, thats the question, thats the question, Amen!

Im a struggler, One who wrestles with his wild emotions, Self medicating with the verses verbals, Mixed up puzzle pieces in my dreamy cerebral, Latchin onto loved ones when I crumble to lonesome, Humble well spoken, Well known stranger to most folks, Floating in a cloud of the lows in hush mode, Once strolled into relationships naive, Cut close to the veins, the blade of betrayal made me bleed, At ease now I see, The strategy is to seek the deeper destiny, Reveal the real comfortably, Become in touch with the inner identity, Ideally developing, Independence, Then shift, Evolve never regret but solve, The reason why we all cling to our own flaws, Facing our own reflections, The hardest part, How do you know when relying on someone is a crutch, Or a simple act of trust, Its complex, What we call relationships, Ah yes can’t forget the fickle sex, Body of a Goddess, Big tits fat o’l ass, Had me in a stupor as an adolescent lad, Who am I kidding?, I still find it inviting, Kept my distance, Striving to write my rhyme sheet, Dated occasionally, Babes like me, So finding the right queen should have been no biggie, But whoa is me, Shyness kept me from connecting, Brushes with luck, but always ended in depressing separation, Built distance and ran from the interested ladies, But in my isolation I escaped the fake shit, In my exile I found greatness, Im grateful for the awkward times life gave me...and I ask

Hook: How does one move when the when of the present, Pushes pushes pushes against ya, How does one move when the wind of the present, Pushes pushes pushes against ya?, Thats the question, thats the question, thats the question, I don’t know...

Verse two chapter second, Finds me in a new condition, Different direction, Matured and socially accepted, Branched out did my thing, Confidence collected, Been bruised by loves weapons, Swam through the shit streams came out clean, Focused finally with a few tricks up my sleeve, Life is irony, When I wanted chicas back then, Most lied to me, Now I’m pipin off reflex, and they’re liking me, In my journeys met many psychologically insecure, Word is bond, finally found someone who’s worth all the harm, The hazards and attachments, love always brought, Too much deep thinking leaves me sometimes sunk, Drowning in memories of a thoughtful swamp, Full of all this emotion, And the antidotes the art, You can’t bottle up this brilliance, you’ve gotta let it spark, You’ve gotta let it flow, You’ve gotta let it spark, You’ve gotta let it flow, flow, flow, flow flow,
How does one move when the wind of the present pushes pushes pushes against ya, how does one move when the wind of the present pushes pushes pushes against ya....thats the question thats the question thats the question thats the question
Track Name: Shoobie Doobie Doo Wop (Loungin)
That do do wop, Shoobie doobie smooth groove, Light hearted sunrise gliding over lunar moons, Happy birthday to me, Fuck out my face steeze, Don’t rain on my pimp pimp hooray parade, I woke up at twelve on a Saturday morn, Put that old LL after watchin some porn, Im bad was the jam for the grand glory, Todays the the day the bull of opportunity, Gets lassoed by his abilities, Truthfully a beautiful beginning, breakfast french bread, eggs and lemonade, Episodes of Seinfeld laughin at Elaine, Safe to say this a feelin I don’t feel everyday, No job hassles, School schedules, Just maxin, Godly leisure, King supreme relaxer, Like Kat Williams perm, Or conks in the sixties, Im off in a daydream, as the call comes in, its the office again, askin if I wanna come in to cover a shift, Fuck that I replied politely, Sorry Im busy, I slide into my slippers, Moonwalk as I bop, Bouncin in rhythm, Tom Cruise in Risky Business, smooth in my tube sox, Turn on the tube to watch the Boon Docks, afternoon cool kept in frost, Like Ferris Bueller, Im excused from the usual, No hookie here just loving leisure, Loose and aware, Shit like this is rare, Cheers to chillin, cheers to bein here, cheers to bein here, cheers to bein here, yeah!, Welcome sunny mood, Whats good?, nothings ruined, sofa surfing, tsunami crusing, Vibes are the vehicle, Drive down the scenic route, 2pm whats happening, got a zap on my texter, Vibration read head to the metro, to meet up with friends but my hammock held me harder, Horizontal not a care in my conscious, Callin all loungers this is that bomb shit, toes on the table, energy all charged up, Lookin at the window at the sunlight glistenin, I felt a jolt of inspiration zap me in my inner skin, Wrote what I saw, notebook of raw raps, Float on a star, Find myself in awe, Stream of conscious art washed thoughts like poetic ponds, Movin in flow motion, groovin, stories spill out quill soakin the notebook, golden moments while Im cozy, in a Hip Hop cocoon, Damn I wish I had some boom to perfume the room, But woah is me, music meldin lovely, Melodies come to me, Lets just breathe, sink into the seats, feed off the frequencies the feelin is deep in deed, an earthquake couldn’t wake me, so mosey down this lazy road of day dreams, As the day leans to late nights, I stay in the frame of mind to lay reclined, knowin tomorrows trials will follow this loungin hideout, Hit high score I could melt into the fuckin floor, I could melt into the fuckin floor!, I deserve it, life is uncertain and unsure, unload love, live, appreciate---and oh fuck!, More homework I overlooked, fuck more homework I overlooked, more home work means, no more snoring for this crook, who took time to recline, Bye!
Track Name: Trippin featuring Gamma
Awol: I woke, then strolled outside my room, feelin like the world, was high on lush mushrooms, Now what was I to do?, Were my eyes encased in dreams?, I had to ask my brotha Gamma what the fuck it be?, He said “your trippin nigga, Its all inside your wild mind!” so I smacked my skull, closed my eyes, then bright lights, exploded on the scene, Opened peepers yet again, The world was in reverse, Everything was abstracted, I had to go get dressed, Put on the pants, put on the kicks, put on the shirt, then get fresh, Beginning breakfast, poured me a bowel, Cereal flew like comets, out the box into the black hole, My spoon was an aircraft, smacking into crash zones, Granola meteors, and fiber grand groves, Best meal I ever had, sugar danced on the tongue, funkadellic parliament, on the palette senses spun, In new directions, loose reflections, psychedelic textures, Who would ever guess that, truth would set in?,new perspectives blessed my cap, the rest of the day I felt the blast, like a can of gas met a flame and a match, wobbly wild, and weird as it gets, spinning in the streets I walked with a limp, The clouds on my soles, and the sun on my crown, I orbited out of the world, off the ground, into a holy shroud, Im out...Im out...

Hook: said Im faded, no intoxication, said Im faded no intoxication, brainwaves been untangled, Im not intoxicated, I guess Im just crazy...I guess Im just crazy...LOCO!

Gamma: Sadomise lines lobotomize minds with rhymes, colonized times hypothesized grinds to shine, authorized crimes, like mimes throwin up signs, turnin water to fine wines when we dine no swine swine, feelin fine villain killin em kind, I'm confined to the abstract, rappin this crack, smokin sacks like a lab rat, medical packs, several stacks of the racks, street dream of a Mack, and I need all of that, like a fiend for the smack, no minaj gawd but a nigga beez in the trap, all black like a goth how we mob on the track, floss cross niggas up leave him all on his back, and I'm off, bossed hogged up and a little crossed faded, jot it, black prophet, caught up in the matrix, sought it, fast knowledge, crass when I state it, and I puff pass grass til my mass elevated, mash on a nigga like I'm givin thanks, got it all in the stash like a prison shank, black mask for the bank, robbin
everythang, from the bamboos, wrist watch, & gold wedding rangs,
(Hook) And I'm faded, no intoxication, feelin like I'm high, meet me at the spaceship, man think I lost my mind, don't know where I placed it, cus I lose it all the time, zooted hoe
Track Name: Revolving Doors Freestyle
Freestyled all off top
Track Name: Path to Pave
Hook: Theres a path to pave, and a way to make it X3

Livin like a race, and the pace is hard to climb, day by day its painful but I’m grateful for my time, ups and downs side to sides, wild its like a ride, Drivin spiralin inspired by the bumpy glide, swervin into turbulence, will not spill my wine, On my silky style designed by who else but I?, many moons in my midnight skies, still in tune with my music side, Time to reach deep and pull out pride, Time is tickin on overdrive, Time to shine or sayonara, Cant live life stuck on the bottom,

And as I float along this wind, Im swept into the world’s whirlwind...

Fast forward, More action, Yeah!, Next scene man its just like a movie, passion problems and pussie pulls me, Into fallen moments, now I’m slowin up my motion, but these goals aren’t gettin closer, God don’t hold up homie play those cards your holdin, Don’t fold em

Hook: Theres a path to pave, and a way to make it X3

After my recording sessions, Midnight mischief is the mission, Night brings the beast out of me, Wildin wise but I still see, Got much more to live for, Absorbing life like soap sponge, Pass that grass and puff on, Fill my cup and sip strong, Young and hung and hungry, For some lust and lovely ladies, Lately lifes been funny, cause my friends are making it major, Im still gettin my weight up, slavin over paper, Thats physically and metaphorically, I hold no hate but, Somedays its painful, Drop my stress right to the pad, Rap like God aint have my back, Back in my dark days the blackness drove me close to crashing fast, Matter of fact that may still happen, everyday is random, but I believe there is a way in some form or fashion...Theres a path to pave and a way to make it, I know I ain’t the only one who worries about the time he has, Ambition is a man’s curse, aint a artist mad for, starvin for his crafts work, Black sun looms over shoulders, But I write the light, Hunched over pouring poetry into a binder’s binding, Find me grinding til Im 90, Ill be writing til Im dying, On death bed with pen, Final paper, Single sentance it read: Theres a path to pave and a way to make it, Theres a path to pave and a way to make it

Freestyle: Flash forward everyday I think about the pain, and put it inside of the rhymes Ive got to fuckin say, Awol is the name, I represent with the spit, Im goin hard with the words, Shootin to stars with the gift

Theres a path to pave and a way to make it, no we can’t fake it, no we cant fake it...
Track Name: Sayonara (The Next Chapter)
Black its time...its time, Its time to say sayonara, goodbye and Godspeed, Hopefully your stay was supreme, a joyful journey, Time to head home, be safe ladies and gentleman, and what a time we had, Thank you for showing up, the occasion was grand, invigorating celebration, love minus hatred, Memories for forever...ever and ever, Thanks for bein the company, listening party jamboree, So long, wont be so long, wont be so long, Gold dawns cover the sky, Get your glow on, Know I put pain in song to heal you...but me too!, want to return? just replay, -time-Is all we have but w’eve got more, More in store, just a start for the warrior of words, First step on this furtile floor, planting seeds with poetry, I owe you all, For your time, and your patience, embrace my language, Inspiration made this, -time-took the skill and adjusted it, But its just a process, progress, evolving with,-time-, Age brings wisdom, Blessed with an intellect to receive given, Make a living while I, Balance, Every breath is precious, So I understand its -time-, time, ticks, Find meaning thanks for believing in me, thanks for believing in me

And to all those frontin like my CD wasn’t shit, Ill see you on the next trip nigga!, Fucks up, the bird in hand, I’ll keep climbin like Spiderman, Envious Im your idol?, Keep denying Stan, I am him who takes giant steps, Ahead, I beg to differ with a heckler, Got no testis...”I don’t give a fuck”...And I agree, Read a book if my flow doesn’t suit your mood, Move from my view, Need no negative simpletons, Simply I’m limitless, Feel like ascending?, Follow me, otherwise don’t talk to me, Onto the next chapter...the next chapter...the next chapter...the next chapter...
Track Name: Bonus Track: The Four Devils
Four Devils:
I met jealousy back in 06, I couldn’t hang with her cause she was always stressin, Throwin fits about what she couldn’t get, What the next girl had never satisfied, Used to date her in another life, Like now I don’t understand her kind, Kind of dry, with an unpleasant stench in emotions, Troubled mind, Unbalanced vibe, You can see why I had to leave her, Drag to be around, Drag you to the ground with her, Lime green eyes, Her smile misleads ya, Not the real thing, She was even evil, Suck the soul out a man make em see red, Convert a happy camper, to a shit swearin sailor, Had a friend named Envy, Jealousy and Envy were the opposite of enemies, Gossip queens, Negative naturally, They fuckin feed off anothers luck, Cloud their glow with smudged fronts, Heart burns with a hurt torch, Thirsty for anothers love, If spot light less, They talk mad shit, Broads like this just make mad stress, No shit I couldn’t roll with these chicks, I had to leave, Gradually, I gravitated, and graduated, Out of their league, Into another, plateau, That was above them, So long no soul feelings just growth, So long no sour feelings just growth...

Hook: The four devils always wanted me in their pack, Back when my path was in darkness, Yeah, I had to scram, Separate from the temptress, They put the break on my positive outlook, Fuck that can’t hang with her gang now, Four devils are pain should be fazed out, Fuck that can’t hang with her gang now. Four devils are a pain!

Lust was a loose lady, Open off her fragrance, Everyday it was the same shit, slave to her, puberty threw me through a loop, looney I was, Stuck under her thumb, Crumblin to her touch, Interrupted in the mind during class time, Her smile flashed by my third eye, Hey!, Im fuckin tryin to concentrate, Take a friggin break, From invading my daymares, Strange years, I wanted more, Couldn’t think straight without this whore, She made sure I was hers, No more innocence, With her influence, It was just imprisonment, Of the spirit, Feelin real limited, Could do nothing about it, She wasn’t allowing, Any resistance, Lacking in power, Couldn’t slide in it, Couldn’t hit it, Thirsty for a fine woman, Slave like behavior, Cravin for her, Bodacious body to embrace me, Basically she fazed me, Then I met hatred, Hatred was crazy, Irrational behavior, ran away on hiatus, To escape in a rage filled vacation, Stupid decision, But I was losing my mental, Lost in illusion and used to this vial vixen, Pitiful, Miserable, All the above, Falling in lust to a monstrous glutton, Becomin a punk, I started hating myself, Degrading myself, Playing myself, Not elevating myself, Looked in the mirror one day, felt ashamed, and rearranged myself, Don’t need lust, envy, hate, or jealousy, to define how I am or how I think, now I see the final signs, I am he, Who solves his own, Problems....

Hook: The four devils always wanted me in their pack, Back when my path was in darkness yeah....I don’t need the four devils